About me

I put at your disposal all these years of experience and learning to work for your well-being.

I dedicate myself to Jyotish. My first contact with this science was in 2019 in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu (India) and in Arunachala, the mountain of Shiva; there I met an astrologer from a lineage that had been dedicated to astrology for 400 years: Arun V.M.

With Arun, I had the opportunity to study the basic principles of Jyotish. My stay in India consisted, unexpectedly, of delving into Jyotish in a personalized and purposeful manner. Since I met him, we dedicated every evening to this study in the “Shakti temple”, located next to the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi. It was so revealing for me that I did not visit any other place in India during my stay in the country.

Upon returning to Barcelona, I continued my studies with training provided by Ryan Kurczak of the Asheville School (United States). Additionally, following the realization of the importance of delving into my inner self, I pursued training in Gestalt Therapy at the Gestalt School of Girona, with the aim of initiating a personal therapeutic process and acquiring more tools for the guidance I offer through Jyotish.

I continue my astrology studies at the Astrojyotish School which comes from the linage of Sanjay Rath, one of the most renowned astrologers in India.

Throughout my life, I have worked and traveled to different countries both in the West and the East, and living through these experiences has brought me closer to understanding the importance of deeply knowing ourselves.

Often, our bodies grow, but our inner selves remain stuck in childish patterns, seeking answers externally. The reality is that we can find these answers within ourselves by listening to our essence. Otherwise, we continue to live with unconscious burdens and are condemned to lead a life conditioned by limiting beliefs that stem from our own family system and society.