Annual reading of the Vedic birth chart.

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Varshaphla (solar revolution) along with Mahadasas and traffics. In Jyotish there are different timing and prediction systems that when brought together these techniques can experience a perfect synchronization to manifest karma on a concrete level. Most important information of the year will be provided.

How can I benefit from an annual reading?

The main benefits of the annual reading are:

  • Being able to be aware of what energies are activated and understand what karma is going to manifest during the year.
  • To know which are the most favorable months in health, finances and relationships and which are the most obstructive and difficult to plan and anticipate events that without this information would be unexpected.
  • Know which karmic behavioral patterns can be activated on an emotional and mental level.
  • Analyze which are the areas where there will be more ignorance and “tamasic” energy to be able to look at and raise awareness during this year.
  • Inform about which “Yogas” or planetary combinations can manifest.
  • Receive an “insight” or “realization” of some concrete aspect that may force you to make an important decision for your life path.
  • Receive astrological remedies to apply during the year.

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