Rahu i Ketu

Reading of the karmic planetary axis of the natal chart.

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Karmic reading of the Moon’s nodes. They represent the karmic planetary axis of the natal chart. It is a session that focuses on the positioning of the head and tail of the serpent called Vasuki. The head is Rahu and indicates that we come to raise our consciousness opening the way to new situations with maya, confusion, shocks and others; always looking to the future and the material aspects of life. On the other hand, Ketu representing the tail indicates our comfort zone and tells us about who we were and where we come from along with past lives. It is Moksha Karaka so always seek spirituality. Understanding these energies in oneself is paramount for the evolution of the self.

How can the reading of the karmic axis of the astrological chart benefit me?

The main benefits of the reading of the karmic axis are:

  • Going deeper into the reason for rebirth.
  • To know what mistakes I have made in other lives and in the past and to be aware of where I come to raise consciousness through unexpected “shocks”.
  • Understand that this axis forces me to let go of the comfort zone where I have security along with inner dissatisfaction and, at the same time, Rahu forces you to live new experiences where fear and distrust are always present.
  • Understand and comprehend which areas of life in particular are activated by desires, maya (illusion/disillusion), obsessions, confusion and among other behaviors where there is a lack of clarity.
  • Receive astrological remedies to minimize their effects.

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