We all have the nine grahas (planets) in a fixed star of the Solar System, do you want to go deeper together?

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The Nakshatras existed before the signs of the zodiac. They are the fixed stars behind the solar system. Each Nakshatra has its own Shakti (power) and its own mythology. The ecliptic is divided with 27 (28) fixed stars which are called the lunar mansions.

This session is for those who decide to embark on a journey into the world of Jyotish and want to know through these individual sessions their unique and perfect intelligences through their positioning of the grahas (planets) in the Nakshatras (fixed stars) in depth.

Through this reading we will enhance the gifts and we will look to integrate the Nakshatras (deities, animals, gunas, symbols…etc). Depending of your Janma Nakshatra (Moon placement) you will experience many aspects and characteristics that are related to the mythology of this particular star.

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