General reading of the Vedic natal chart.

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My work consists of analyzing grahas (planets) and bhavas (houses) areas of life in which by planetary influence there is more difficulty and therefore more suffering for people. Each one with its unique karma from birth. It is called Prarabdha Karma and it is our karma from birth until we die in this life. Each being as soon as they are born has their own unique planetary cycles. Just like when a company or anything else that is born in a certain place, time and moment is opened.

Consequently, personalized remedies are applied and the focus is placed where we are more ignorant and where, due to lack of knowledge, we have many more obstacles. The jnana (knowledge) gives us light and, therefore, clarity and harmony in our general well-being.

How can a Jataka or birth chart reading benefit me?

The astrological chart reading is a tool for self-knowledge in every sense. It is a first step to open the door to your karmic map where you can access information and sacred knowledge of your body, mind and soul. Other benefits are:

  • Understanding your Karma.
  • Integrate transformational cycles of past, present and future.
  • Become aware of behavioral and karmic patterns.
  • Empower your unique and perfect intelligences.
  • Understand the cause of suffering and pain through planetary cycles.
  • Observe which are the areas of greatest ignorance and need attention.
  • The cause and reason for rebirth.
  • To look at and shed light on the doshas or afflictions or planetary obstructions.
  • Obtain personalized remedies.

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