He is the king of the solar system. The creator of all the resources we have on Earth and in our dimension which is called “Bhu-loka” (third dimension). Surya is Agni tattva (fire) and his Purusharta is Dharma. Surya represents the intelligence of the body and the earth itself. He is within everything (humans, plants, animals…). He represents our soul, vitality, inspiration, intelligence, health, wealth and much more.

We were all born at an exact moment where Surya was aligned with other grahas on the ecliptic and in a unique and specific position in relation to the Earth. This position is the birth of an incredible soul, unique in all its senses with a great power of manifestation, creativity, intelligence and perfect at the same time.  It will develop every day, month and year through your experiences as a human being until you begin to realize what you simply are in essence. What your natural intelligence is along with all that the other “auxiliaries (planets)” help to create.

The question is whether we really listen to our Surya. He is not always strong and well positioned; with planetary help and directional strength to show himself.

Surya belongs to the Kshatriya social caste (politicians and warriors of ancient India) because his mission is to protect his “kingship” and to do noble deeds and sacrifices for the good of society. He is a dry-natured graha and does not at any time seek to be comfortable. Surya wants to be strong and confident to make and unmake his plans of action. He is a born leader that is why he is a natural Karaka (indicator) of any authority figure for any native. His gaze is upward, he projects himself into the future through his ambition, inspiration and the ability to see all that can be improved and changed to create a better legacy.

Agni (fire) represents sight and intuition. Surya is all the energy that is inherently within everything; it is the cause and impetus of all that exists. As it is always illuminating all other grahas it makes them a reflection of our solar lights. It is really always Surya who is behind all existing energy. It represents our inner part and the one who is always trying to guide us in which direction to go.

The Sun is all that is central. It is what we are in essence. The position of the Sun in the chart reveals how Aditya manifests being the one who gives maintenance and sustenance through the signs.

In planetary maturations (a more advanced theme) Surya matures at age 50 so it is at that age that real intelligence theoretically manifests. The problem is that not all natives have the karmic impact and energy enough to manifest it; the energetic force is within the chart or D-1 and not all have those combinations. So most (not to say all) of us have to work with the Solar energy and awaken it, get in touch with it as if it were a treasure that we find within us.

How do we activate our Surya?

There are several ways to activate the solar force:

  • Waking up every day before Surya rises (06:00 am)and going to sleep when it is fully dark. Do the “Sun Salutation” every day 12 times.
  • Chant every day during sunrise and sunset the Gayatri Mantra until the time is up.
  • To have a constancy and a specific routine and to fulfill the objectives.
  • Others.

In addition…

It is the natural ruler of the Atmakaraka and through its position it indicates us the direction of the soul to follow. Its function is to eliminate everything that is not real and pure. It is for this reason that Surya hates the rajasic energy (Shukra and Budha) because they are social grahas and it is when we are disconnected from our purity. Surya indicates the direction of our soul and when it is damaged or not strong the native may be disconnected from his or her purpose on Earth.

Por ejemplo, cuando se encuentra en casas Dushtana 6, 8 y 12 hay más dificultades para saber hacia qué dirección ir o puede que el nativo no sepa generar una estructura y proyectarse bien en su camino de vida; además de dar problemas con los padres y figuras autoritarias. (Siempre hay que analizar todos los demás grahas, aspectos y muchas más técnicas para hacer una evaluación correcta). Brihaspati, Budha, Mangal y Chandra pueden ayudar cuando hay un Surya débil. Incluso Sani que es su hijo si está  fuerte puede  dar fuerza, perseverancia y algunas cualidades similares a las de Surya para generar estructura.

What are the grahas (planets) that most adversely impact Surya?

The nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are the ones that cause the most psychic and physical turbulence later on for natives with this positioning. My teacher says that when Surya is transiting above our nodes during the year these are some of the most difficult days to experience.

On the other hand, if Surya is in Sambandha (bond) with Sani (Saturn) who are enemies of each other, karmic situations and experiences will manifest in the native about validation and wanting to prove intelligence. Saturn tells Surya that he is not intelligent and is worthless. There is constant judgment and criticism inside and outside the person. There is a sadness and a strong sense of bondage. The king wants to rule and the son Saturn forces you down from reality and obstructs you in many ways. It is a difficult combination and we all live all combinations during planetary transits. And that’s when we can feel the bodily sensations and the wounds that other people have as nuclear wounds.

If Surya is strong… Do we really listen to our self?

You can see natives with a lot of confidence, vitality, direction, self-esteem and they are very regular in their life. It also makes the natives have the ability to synchronize what the mind, body and soul want in this life. When Surya receives aspects of Brihaspati and Mangal the purpose and direction of the path is much clearer.One will know how, where and when to put one’s action towards some place or people.

Whenever one makes decisions, whether it is to start working for someone, go for a drink with someone, go to see your parents, leave your partner or make any decision, you may end up feeling a pleasant or unpleasant sensation, feel happiness and fulfillment or feel frustration for what you have decided. Are you listening to your inner voice? If you really feel what you came here to do as a human being, this is a strong Surya.Know where, when, how and with whom to put all your energy.Sometimes we spend hours, days even weeks and years putting our energy in environments that deep in our heart we know we only do it out of fear of not knowing where to hold.There is no confidence, self-esteem, security and directionality.One can make many sacrifices, this is Surya, one sacrifices when it is necessary, but, always feeling that it is for a greater goal and taking a step forward when it is time.Make decisions and take a quantum leap.

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