Venus is the second planet ruled by Jala tattva (water); Chandra is the main source of water and Shukra (Venus) is in charge of distributing it. Its nature is humid and seeks comfort. It belongs to the social caste “Brahmin” so it is related to the sages of ancient India.

It rules love, desires, luxuries, precious stones, art, music, decoration, poetry, clothes, cars and everything material although it really seeks the devotional that is why it has its exaltation in Pisces. Shukra represents our most primal needs and what we need to have inner and outer fulfillment to be happy. It contains the energy of love, sexuality, passion and desire. It is a very important graha because it holds the key to passion and the desire to want to give value and recognize something/someone. It gives the strength and energy needed to nurture enriching experiences that can give meaning to the existence of a being. Love moves mountains and is the reason why humans move and do great follies. It is creation and destruction at the same time. It has the ability to generate and build incredible things to Earth and then with the aspect of Mangal destroy it. These two grahas should always be analyzed together, just like the others that are on axes. There is an intrinsic relationship between them.

What is the purpose of Venus?

Shukra has the function of intuitively telling us what we really need and how we can give value to anything.In Jyotish it is related to happiness and spiritual love. Why? When someone has the ability to find this within oneself then it manifests externally on a concrete level. This is why it is said that when something is done with love and from the heart one has the ability to transmit a fullness and the power to regenerate energies within others.It has such a great force that depending on who it is with and how it is in the rasi or D-1 it can generate great transformations to the natives.When there is an exchange of energies between two beings, be it relational, sexual, intellectual or of any kind, this is when consciously or unconsciously there are spectacular connections between humans that lead to being able to integrate new ways of thinking, feeling, acting and even being. When Shukra is well positioned with good aspects it can give very positive experiences and experiences to increase the love for oneself and to know how to value what one wants to keep in life (for this reason it is one of the two rajasic grahas and Sani is exalted in Thula).

It gives the ability to know how to make decisions and see what can give fulfillment projecting oneself into the future. It is the one that manifests peace, love and good sensations to the body.If we analyze what it represents as well as music, dance, women, clothes, food and among other things we can see how important this graha is. What does it give us?To know how to enjoy and appreciate everything we have until the end.

What happens if it is strong in your Jataka (natal chart)?

People with Shukra prominent in their chart have great qualities such as diplomacy, grace, knowledge, poetry, art (along with Budha) and have that gift of generating pleasant moments and love.Live in the present, the here and now.This is Shukra. What happens when someone is in love? When someone is listening to music? When someone is enjoying whatever activity they are doing? Notice also when you eat.If you are in a good moment you may eat happily and willingly, but when someone is going through difficult times you may not be hungry, you may eat less, you may change your habits and so on. It affects the whole system a lot. Relating this to his Jnanendriya (organ of knowledge) in this case Shukra acquires knowledge through taste. Its “rajasic” attribute called “Karmendriyas” (organs of actions) is generation, and its primary power is the sexual organs. If someone has a strong Shukra he may have the ability of rejuvenation and his body recovers fast from any disease; otherwise the vitality of the person is low. This can be observed in the charts when Shukra is with aspects of two or more malefics; when it is also with “Papakartari Yoga” (more advanced Jyotish). Finally its “tamasic” or dark attribute is known as the object of the five senses; in this case it is taste.

When Shukra is affected in the rasi or D-1 on a general level it directly affects emotional relationships on both personal and social levels. Not only at the bonding level, sometimes they can manifest at the physical level.This depends on the house and sign in which it is located from the Lagna (body).

The deity of Shukra is Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and abundance. The ability to get what one needs when one needs it; finding the way to live in the best way when one can.

Venus sharing energy with some planets…

Depending on which sign and house it is positioned in, different experiences will manifest for the native. Always look at what grahas it is or is aspecting with. For example, if we have a Shukra with Budha together make people who have relationships with friends and do not know how to differentiate love with a friendship. They attract friends who get confused and don’t know if they want to be your friend or your partner.Budha is Karaka “indicator” of friends.If Shukra is with Sani there is work to be done with personal value through separation and coldness. There is work to be done with relationships through fear, insecurity and experiences of pain in which you have to learn to know what you want and need to feel fullness with whom you share energy and time. Am I giving too much or am I not being recognized for what I am worth? There are many doubts. If it is with Mangal, we have two opposing energies that conflict and generate intensity and explosiveness within relationships along with overwhelming passion. If it is with Rahu there is an excess of uncontrolled desires that lead the native to have disturbing thoughts and actions that harm the native.

Win-win is very important!

Continuing with the meaning of what Shukra stands for, it is about “win-win”. What one can give and receive at the same time with a fair exchange. The value we place on things there has to be a balance (Thula is the sign of Libra and means “balance”).

When you come in contact with someone you can feel the energy with which you merge.
In this instant we vibrate in the same frequency in which we become one entity. For two people to be together they have to be united by similar vibrations and they will live very similar experiences because they share the same Karma, so the same thing happens when we come in contact with friends, co-workers and other people. Shukra is this blending and becoming one. What is yours is mine and what is mine is yours. When it is a healthy Shukra one has the ability to see how much I am giving of myself to make the relationship work, if not well, there are many imbalances within a relationship. Anyway, fear causes that many people do not want to make changes in their life for fear of loneliness and accept anything just for fear of not being alone. True love is unconditional love with mutual respect and always wanting the best for the relationship and an evolutionary growth that is reciprocal. We are here to learn to love everyone as equals (Shukra in Pisces) and this is the most complicated thing to do. It can be a remedy for Shukra.

Keywords: femininity, passion, pleasures, desires, diplomacy, love, poetry, cars, luxuries, relationships, etc.