Rahu i Ketu

Reading of the karmic planetary axis of the natal chart.

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Karmic reading of the Moon’s nodes. They represent the karmic planetary axis of the natal chart. It is a session that focuses on the positioning of the head and tail of the serpent called Vasuki. The head is Rahu and indicates that we come to raise our consciousness opening the way to new situations with maya, confusion, shocks and others; always looking to the future and the material aspects of life. On the other hand, Ketu representing the tail indicates our comfort zone and tells us about who we were and where we come from along with past lives. It is Moksha Karaka so always seek spirituality. Understanding these energies in oneself is paramount for the evolution of the self.

How can the reading of the karmic axis of the astrological chart benefit me?

The main benefits of the reading of the karmic axis are:

  • Going deeper into the reason for rebirth.
  • To know what mistakes I have made in other lives and in the past and to be aware of where I come to raise consciousness through unexpected “shocks”.
  • Understand that this axis forces me to let go of the comfort zone where I have security along with inner dissatisfaction and, at the same time, Rahu forces you to live new experiences where fear and distrust are always present.
  • Understand and comprehend which areas of life in particular are activated by desires, maya (illusion/disillusion), obsessions, confusion and among other behaviors where there is a lack of clarity.
  • Receive astrological remedies to minimize their effects.

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    Rahu and Ketu are the nodes of Chandra. They are the intrinsic points at which lunar and solar eclipses are formed. They are considered grahas because of the power and impact they generate within our consciousness and because they move like grahas although in retrograde motion. They have no physical body or shape or size; they do not have the ability to reflect any light, they are like ghosts that need a body to function and that is why they are within us and when they are activated by transit and dasas (planetary cycles) is when they can enter our psyche and activate intense thoughts, desires and actions at any time. They always do this through other grahas, bhavas and rashis (physical bodies). Throughout our life they are the cause of living different concrete experiences on a psychic and physical level. Normally they are used to manifest intense, painful, and confusing emotions within our body. They can be felt at a bodily level, it is like an anxiety together with uneasiness that goes through the whole body. Depending on which bhava and with which grahas they are positioned will cause one effect or another.

    When there are eclipses they generate very big transformations that begin to be felt about three weeks before and after each eclipse. There is a change of direction in some aspect/area of our life. There are some astrologers who only study eclipses as they can get a lot of information about the shifts in consciousness that are generated within a being although there are always details that are impossible to see. For this reason they are the “blind” spots. There is no ability to really know how they will manifest and in what manner.

    Rahu and Ketu are the reason why we are here and in Hindu mythology he represents an Asura (demon). His name was Svarbhanu and he was a snake that was cut into two parts:

    Rahu is the head of the snake

    It represents the birth of the individual consciousness and therefore it separates us from all that is true and makes it evil in nature. It belongs to Vayu tattva (air element) because it represents the desires, longings, and attachments that we humans have of wanting to try and experience new situations. All those experiences that make us connect with uncertainty, fear, ecstasy, and the bodily sensation of not being in control. It is said that Rahu is a completely unknown place where you enter and do not know where you are. You must deal with all the fears that are generated, and the purpose is to raise awareness in the area where you are positioned. At the same time, it gives many abilities and a fulminant intelligence in the sign and in the house it is in. If it meets a graha, it amplifies all the qualities and turns it into its “slave”, contaminating its initial energy. It is for this reason that when there are combinations with Rahu there are many situations of “maya” or paranoia. There is a blind spot and lack of control at psychic level which becomes a kind of “obstruction” and suffering for all of us. Rahu is the “why” we are here and the reason for rebirth is analyzed with this positioning along with the “Rahupaty” being the ruler of the sign in which it is found.

    It is the explorer and all that is unknown. It is related to the “black” and the foreigner. It is the cause of getting into our mind with such force and magnitude that it can generate great movements and desires within our consciousness.

    How does Rahu act?

    Rahu can cause anxiety, stress and hunger for growth in the bhava (house) where it is located. It generates a state of compulsion towards what it wants to achieve. When Rahu is prominent in a chart and is with Chandra, Surya or makes strong aspects it can cause the native to focus in an obsessive and expansive manner towards their success and foci. This can lead to loss of friendships, family and important relationships. One must be very conscious of such combinations and always remember that all successes and the fruits of what we do are for life itself and that nothing is of the “self”, otherwise it will always cause suffering. It is unnecessary if it can be integrated every day.

    In Gestalt therapy we say, “we are experts in deceiving ourselves with the mind”. This is Rahu and we all have it somewhere inside of us. It can deceive the mind and distort reality. Perception is impaired and it is when inconsistent decisions are made and difficult to remedy once they are made. We are here because we are impure and this is why Rahu forces us to look at ourselves and raise consciousness in everything we think, do, say, and manifest on a concrete level.

    It is related to all that we have not been able to master in past lives and now the inspiration of our soul is finally to be able to be “masters” or learn what we can in the purest way possible. With Rahu it is normal not to succeed after trying many times because you do not have experience and at the same time it generates strong “shocks” and can generate strong emotional impacts that can be activated at a neurotic level through the transits and dasas.

    When we talk about shocks it is because it creates an impact in which there is a transformation and a powerful change of consciousness. When Rahu’s karma opens it is usually unpleasant. There is a “death” and one passes from one state to another. Its function is to open a door even though there is pain, fears and suffering. At the same time there is a longing and a desire to know and learn. It is Vayu by nature so it will want to know how things work and how to manage once it is in any situation. It is for this reason that he is one of the most intelligent grahas.

    The key to success with Rahu is not based on doing the right things because we do not know what to do since these are situations in which we have no control. The key is to make mistakes and see how to improve the next time until a day comes when you look back and see the growth and progress that has been made regarding any specific issue. Of course, many humans cannot generate such favorable changes, you have to do a specific analysis of the nodes to know how they act in each native.

    Ketu is the tail of the snake and has no head

    It is a “graha” of Agni (fire) and belongs to this element along with Surya and Mangal. So it has qualities such as intuition, knowledge, visualization, projection, transformation, purification and among others. Ketu has the ability to give a lot of power, intensity and strength to reach its goal; that is why it is exalted in Dhanus.

    It is considered a tamasic graha because it is associated with renunciation and detachment from the material world. In a way it symbolizes rejecting many responsibilities of worldly life. It is directly related to spirituality but can sometimes be connected to experiences outside of established norms along with manifesting disorder and chaos. It is often unpredictable and causes confusion and lack of clarity.

    It represents our comfort zone and all the knowledge we have acquired in this and past lives. Ketu seeks spirituality and denies things in such a way that it does not want to get involved with anything earthly. He shows your mistakes made by this is the ruler of Vrischika or natural bhava Mrityu (8th house). It makes you go back and relive past experiences so that you can realise the great attachment you have and at the same time relive the great sense of dissatisfaction you feel at the same time. There is a pulling with Rahu; one wants you to raise your consciousness and the other asks you to go back to everything you already know. There is a lot of fear of going towards Rahu, but Ketu still gives the feeling of existential emptiness.

    How does Ketu act?

    It is difficult to make an analysis without taking Rahu into account because somehow, they are always connected to each other. I find it fascinating to be writing this section and suddenly a child appears inside the library with a bump and crying because he has had an accident. This is what we will work on in the last module and it is about knowing how to read the field at any given moment. Ketu has the power to generate drastic changes and make one connect with fear. When an accident like the child’s is generated, there is an experience that is engraved in the body and consciously or unconsciously there is a change inside and outside the person. It is likely that this child and his family are in a transition period of some kind. I have noticed and observed that every time accidents are experienced it is because something on an energetic level is moving strongly and produces an immediate effect to the person, whether it is on an emotional, mental, bodily, or spiritual level.

    Everything you build with Ketu is usually taken away from you in the end. This is why it is important not to start anything with Ketu like getting married. In the Dasa of Ketu do not usually buy too many things, waste money, do not buy a house or car and among other things.