Chandra means “to shine” in Sanskrit. It is responsible for our consciousness as living beings, unlike animals and plants. Thanks to the moon we can think, feel, dream, project, imagine and much more. It is the one that reflects the light of Surya. Our body is 75-80% water and Chandra moves the tide of the sea according to its lunar phase and energetic force. Therefore, if it has the ability to move the waves of the sea, it moves us constantly and our emotional state is connected with the Moon. It is the first graha that rules Jala tattva (water) being the main controller of this element. It governs all the fluids in our body. Its nature is feminine and wet so it seeks comfort and convenience. Her social caste of ancient India belongs to the Vaysha (commercial) so she has the ability to connect with everyone, adapt to the social environment and understand what are the needs of others. His gaze is everywhere and he is like a creature that grabs whatever he sees fit to survive and has the great ability to adapt in whatever environment he is in (if Chandra is very weak there may be difficulty at this point).

When we are born in our mother’s womb is where we begin to absorb her genetics and those of our ancestors. Chandra is “manas” or mind in Sanskrit as it governs emotions, dreams, past, mother, home, adaptation, receptivity, social circle, childhood, happiness, music, changes and among other Karakas (indicators) as we will see later. It is our subjective reality and how we see the world. We grow up in an environment and a family in which we learn to communicate, feel, act and work the senses in such a way that when we are older, neurotic patterns have been created that make us react unconsciously. Most of the movements we make during the day are made using the subconscious, such as getting out of bed, cleaning our teeth, preparing lunch and so on until we go to sleep. Most of the movements are repeated and Chandra adapts to the changes that are generated day after day. (It is not only Chandra, also Budha and the other grahas participate in our daily interactions, but Chandra is the one that controls all our movements).  It is the perception of how we see our day to day life. It represents how we manage emotions, what we need and what our behavioral patterns are with ourselves and with society.  It is for this reason that it is considered the most important graha in Jyotish and it is the one that governs the Nakshatras or fixed stars that govern parts of our neural and brain functions.

Change begins within you…

Inner work is essential to understand how we function on all levels.If we really want to take control of our lives it is essential to look within and see how we manage our emotions, patterns and automatisms.When Chandra is strong, she has the capacity to adapt to any life situation. She knows how to project and imagine new paths that will give her fulfillment and peace of mind.

At birth we have Chandra in a rashi (sign) and a bhava (area of life). What does it mean?

It represents the energy in which the native has been involved since childhood and the qualities he has been able to develop while growing up. The bhava is the area in which his growth and adaptability in the world has manifested and will have an impact throughout his life. For example, when we have Chandra in a rashi of Budha (Mercury) the mind is that of a curious child who just wants to play, dance, laugh and be with other people having a good time. He likes to go from one place to another, he gets bored if he is asked to do always the same or monotonous exercises. He needs air and constant movement. He has a competitive spirit and will spend all day with his friends. He learns very quickly how important it is to be liked and to make others laugh with his own humor. He has a hard time connecting with emotions and wants to explain rationally everything that happens to him. There is a mind that constantly analyzes and always asks questions. He is very sociable and extroverted. There is a great adaptability and flexibility when entering any environment. They have a gift for inspiring and communicating what they learn. Their relationship with their friends and siblings is very important. They are very nervous and active natives, always in constant movement; it is difficult for them to stand still for long periods of time. Writing is a way of channeling all the energy they have accumulated. They may have a tendency to talk in order to listen to themselves. If they are not listened to they can get very offended. The fact of “knowing” and “learning” is very important to feel emotional security.

The moon and its cycles…Do you have emotional intelligence? Do you adapt well to changes?

Life is cycles. When someone has a strong Chandra they are aware that there will be pleasant and unpleasant times. There is a capacity for integration and acceptance that everything changes and is in constant motion. The thoughts we have right now are not the same thoughts we had two months or two years ago. Depending on the “dasa” or “transit” in which we find ourselves, some thoughts and actions are activated or others. When we become rooted and create the personality it is a big problem. Chandra has to know how to change when it is necessary and it is the most difficult thing but when one looks inside and wants to improve his being in all senses he can make great changes and manifest new enriching experiences. When you speak loudly saying: “I am like this and I will not change” you are limiting your Chandra and your whole life. The neurotic reactions of the child are very ingrained in us, but this does not mean that we cannot improve in all our emotional, physical and social behaviors, which Chandra is directly related to the above.

It is important to understand the term “Shubapaty”. What does it mean? Shuba in Sanskrit is auspicious or favorable and represents the ruler of our Chandra in the D-1 or astrological chart. Our Shubapaty is in charge of controlling how our mind and emotions interact and it will be in charge of giving the abilities by which we will be recognized in the world. For example, if Chandra is in Mithuna which is ruled by Budha (Mercury) you will be a person with great communication skills, writing, ideas and the gift of analysis and research. You will love to move from place to place and see what you can learn to use to your advantage and win the game. You can be very good with management, numbers, science, sales, business and so on. With the Moon in a Mercury sign if you boost public speaking and communication you can offer a great service to others!

Keywords: mother, mind, home, reflection, emotions, adaptability, receptivity, subjective reality, music, dreams, imagination….