Mercury is the son of Chandra, the prince of kingship. He is the closest graha to Surya. His tattva is Prithvi (earth) and he is very fast. He is in charge of learning, researching and exploring things in order to know how to manifest and rule the kingship through the intelligence and curiosity of a child with humor.

Budha is like a wild card in the zodiac. He has the ability to integrate and absorb the qualities of others to benefit and win his game. He is truly intelligent and can see all options with great discernment when he is well positioned and strong. He is the one who through situations, experiences and constant effort can understand how things work here on Earth. He is like a child who needs to constantly learn without stopping. Always with new ideas and thoughts on how to improve, order and plan the next step.

More qualities…

It is a graha who grows through experience. He knows how to plan, organize and can be very good with numbers, science, administration, engineering, sports and all business. To excel in a job Budha must be strong.

His nature is to move through many places and gather information and experiences in such a way that with planning and organization one has the gift to create and manifest what he desires. He can solve all problems when he is well positioned. He is the one who knows how to lose and always wants to improve his knowledge, skills and his being in general to reach a higher state of consciousness that allows him to have inner security and solidify “Prithvi”. It is directly related to resources, money and abundance. Budha represents Vishnu who in the Kalapurusha rules the Kendra (houses 1, 4, 7 and 10) the pillars of life. So, it has the power to manifest and purify.

Did you know that…

Mercury is directly related to the mind, thoughts and our ideas. He is the one who processes information from inside/outside and the other way around. It rules the natural 3rd house of the zodiac and the ruler of the 3rd house is the one that rules our thoughts. It is the one that rules the neurotic part that is created when we come into contact with society and others. When we are children we learn to socialize through a character. This is Mercury functioning and acting in such a way that it can benefit and generate new options to finally create and build something that can serve. What is the best option? How can I improve that option? Detail, organization and planning are qualities of Budha. He can become very critical and have a falcon’s eye, which is why in BPHS he is said to rule the birds and his gaze is sideways always looking everywhere for where he can “eat” and feed. Returning to the birds, he is a winged god called Garuda, the messenger. His function is to move everything inside the body.

What happens when Budha is not well positioned or is afflicted?

When it is misplaced, it can have an imbalance that creates mental, social and physical problems. It can affect the whole body basically because Budha is the one that intertwines everything together. It makes a being’s metabolism function properly. For example, if it is with Mangal it makes the person have an excess of thoughts, ideas and has a hard time deciding.  He may miss many opportunities trying to investigate all the options out there.  It generates indecision, overthinking, hyperactivity and stress. With Rahu there is an obsession with learning, knowledge, and intellect to the point of not knowing emotionally how to bond. It creates a rigid structure although it gives a lot of intelligence, it is incredible the capacity of analysis and investigation; in this case it generates anxiety for economic issues and obsessions with what Mercury represents.

When it has many malefic aspects, the learning process may require more time and concentration than other people. It can even generate misconceptions and misunderstanding of what you are trying to learn. Mercury is the process of discernment of inside and outside so the interpretation of what we hear, read, and see all this process goes through Budha; it is like the filter so that the information reaches the brain and one can make a good discernment of what he is learning.

It is very important to work with this graha since one is growing up because one can anticipate problems and study/integrate what one needs to survive. One always studies and wants to improve to avoid complex situations or reduce their effects and also being rajasic is the one that keeps things going in life.

Keywords: intelligence, ideas, curiosity, humor, communication, skills, analysis, youth, research, numbers, arms, spines, duality, nervous system, writing, knowledge, instruction, charisma, friends, movement, bonding, imitation, adaptability, discriminating power.