Jupiter is the most benefic graha of all. He is the guru and the one who is in charge of giving purpose, dharma, knowledge and also has the power to give expansion and growth to all that comes in contact with him. His element is the basis of all others, Ether. Of the four Purushartas it supports dharma and moksha because it rules Dhanus and Mina. It is a male planet along with Mangal and Surya so its nature is to be able to find ways to solve complex situations and absorb new knowledge for the purpose of inspiring society from morality and faith. There is the intelligence to guide others to a higher purpose than one’s own individuality. Their social caste is that of the “Brahmins”, ancient sages of India. His gaze is all-seeing, and he has the power to see things from a higher perspective than any other graha. By growing everything through knowledge, optimism, and faith, it can give a feeling of inner strength and inspiration that moves mountains.

What happens if I have well positioned Jupiter with planetary help?

When someone has Brihaspati in Kendra (1,4,7 and 10) with good aspects, all the qualities of Jupiter will be manifested throughout life and the native’s personality will be greatly affected by its qualities.The greatest potential he has is to manifest things through one’s own inspiration, creativity and the great gift that every human has. Am I really aware of what my gifts are? What am I good at? In what ways do I expand and inspire others?Through speech, hands, intellect, cooking…what is my great potential?When someone connects and works their unique qualities as a human being and truly FEELS it and transmits it from emotion to everyone they can impact in such a way that they can change a person’s life with just a flash of light.Brihaspati is exalted in Karkata (Cancer) and is at its best because this rashi relates to connecting from the heart with others, having confidence and traveling anywhere in the world and feeling at home; reaching out to people and empathizing with any native in the world.

“If you are a fish trying to climb a tree, you will never get anywhere”

There is a phrase that has impacted me a lot preparing this article and reviewing notes I heard it for the first time from an astrologer I follow for several years, Ernst Wilhelm: “if you are a fish trying to climb a tree, you will never achieve anything”. If you follow your own inspiration and what makes you great as a person, everything Jupiter represents manifests (education, wisdom, money, happiness, children…).When you believe and trust in some person, company, project to impact others in a transpersonal way, this is when everything starts to flow.

It governs expansion, optimism and growth because it is what makes someone have faith in their purpose. When one goes within just as the crab goes through the rocks, one can begin to find one’s real reason for existence. Spiritualism, contemplation, meditation, yoga, kirtans and all spiritual practices are governed by this graha. Why? Each element has a “sattvic” attribute being one of the five senses known as “Jnanendriyas” (organs of knowledge). In this case Brihaspati being Ether and now already the last of the “Starry” grahas acquires knowledge through sound.He also has a “rajasic” or active attribute known as “Karmendriyas” (organs of actions).There are five organs of action.The shakti (power) of Brihaspati is the vocal cords.If someone has trouble speaking he surely has Jupiter and Budha affected.Finally his “tamasic” or dark attribute is known as the object of the five senses; in this case it is “hearing”.

What are some of the effects of having strong Jupiter in the Jataka (chart)?

Strong Jupiter in a chart makes the person very clear about his life purpose if there are no other combinations obstructing it. It gives a lot of intelligence and education especially when it is in your own or Budha’s signs. It is a very necessary graha to feel that life has meaning. The individual feels that any moment is full of purpose and happiness regardless of what one is doing. Therefore, on a general level when doing activities there is an existential fulfillment.They have great compassion for themselves and others such that they can forgive and accept themselves as they are with their perfections and imperfections.Their inward gaze is the same outwardly, without judgment and with compassion.He has the great ability to give wisdom, advice and accompany others simply with his great expansive presence and eternal happiness.

And if you are afflicted…

Natives may have a lack of purpose and meaning in what they are doing with their life. They may find themselves in their routine doing things and working in places where there really is no dharma or meaningful direction. They are simply surviving the way one can eat at the end of the month. Damaged Jupiter may give bad advice to others or say things that may be more counterproductive to people. If Jupiter is with Sani, the nodes (Rahu and Ketu) or with either of the two rajasic (Budha and Shukra) it will amplify the experiences of these grahas and there will be experiences related to what they represent.

For example, if it meets any of the nodes it will bring strong experiences in other cultures (Rahu is an indicator of the foreigner) and with very strong “learning” links from other lives (Ketu). It can be manifested by a teacher, father, husband, partner, son…etc. There are experiences that are repeated and are karmic patterns deeply rooted in our body-mind.

Rahu with Jupiter is a Sambandha (relationship) or conjunction that generates a Yoga called “Guru Chandal Yoga” and are people that Rahu forces them out of their dharma and their real purpose through “maya” (illusion and disillusionment). Rahu amplifies everything that Jupiter represents so it will cause doubts with spirituality, meaning of life and religions. Rahu forces the native out of his culture and tradition to experiment in foreign places.

On the other hand, if Jupiter is with Sani is “Brahma” Yoga and are people who come to serve and work hard for society. Different combinations can be analyzed and these “Yogas” are the ones that will manifest at a concrete level in the life of the person during the Dasas (cycles created through the Nakshatras).

Keywords: children, education, wisdom, wealth, faith, luck, growth, optimism, expansion, opportunities, improvement, husband, travel, goals and objectives.